North 2nd Street



          In October of 2014, Mancil’s was awarded a $5,805,148.13 contract for the reconstruction of North 2nd Street in Fort Pierce, Florida. North 2nd Street is the primary access road into the Port of Fort Pierce Operations Area. The road provides access to most of the existing businesses located at the Port, as well as access to the undeveloped vacant properties. This is a city owned and maintained right-of-way. The underground utilities are owned and maintained by Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA). The North 2nd Street project involves a partnership and funding from the Florida Department of Transportation, the City of Fort Pierce and St. Lucie County.

          This multi-phase construction project consists of a complete reconstruction of North 2nd Street, including relocation and upgrading of all existing utilities and construction of a new stormwater management system. The road construction will involve removal and placement of new pavement, gutters, concrete curb and sidewalks, pavement markings, signage, stormwater collection systems, three detention ponds comprising of bentonite barrier walls and sheet pile diversion walls, landscaping, irrigation and street lights. The utilities to be upgraded include water mains, sanitary sewer systems, sewer lift stations, natural gas mains and electrical systems. Mancil’s broke ground on this project in March of 2015 and is projected to complete  in late 2016. For updates on this project, follow us on Facebook and feel free view our current projects page on our website!

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Construction of Pond 2

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Construction of Pond 3

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