Road Milling and Overlay

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Road Milling and Overlay

The first step in repaving a road is to remove the top layer of old asphalt, referred to as “Milling.” A milling machine will chew up the old road material and grind it back into the correct crushed stone texture to be reused in the fresh pavement. Mancil’s offers a highly skilled team that constantly adapts to the thickness of the existing pavement.

Once the top layer of pavement is removed, the old road material can be mixed with fresh liquid asphalt for the next step in overlay. Overlays involve placing a thin (1-2”in thickness) layer of asphalt over the existing asphalt surface. Asphalt overlays are a great way to extend the service life of roads instead of rebuilding them from scratch.

Benefits to road milling and overlay:

  • Restores pavement to a uniform cross-section and longitudinal profile
  • Restores drainage flow and provides a textured surface for skid control
  • Restores curb-reveal for roadways and parking areas that have had numerous overlays
  • Under most circumstances, traffic flow is maintained and it is safe to travel on the surface immediately after milling
  • It is environmentally friendly generating no smoke or flame, and the small amount of dust is easily controlled
  • Reclaimed material can be retained for future use
  • Maintains grade and slope
  • And most importantly, it’s cost efficient and can cover a large area quickly

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