Swale and Culvert Installation


Installing a swale and culvert pipe at your residence will help maintain your Stormwater Drainage System. A driveway culvert pipe helps to keep the flow of stormwater moving along the drainage swale near the roadway of your street or community. The swales convey the flow of stormwater into drainage right of ways, which delivers the runoff to canals, waterways and rivers. Before installing a culvert pipe or swale at your residence, it is important to check with your municipalities specific guidelines. In most cases, they will require a certain pipe length and/or specific swale design, whether it be a grass swale or a swale liner. For example, Mancil’s Complete Sitework recently completed a project for Sampson’s Tree Service in Port St. Lucie whom requires residences, businesses, and etc. to have a swale liner. Check out example photos below! To see more pictures from this project, visit Mancil’s Completed Projects page on our website.

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  As any drainage system, there is maintenance needed whether a swale liner is required by the county or not. Maintaining the swale liner, as shown above, requires cleaning of the plastic and protecting it from grass clippings or other debris. Grass swales are easier to maintain, but it’s still important to remove any debris that could block the culvert pipe. Cleaning of culvert pipes can be a more difficult task as these pipes can be long in size and are buried underground. Depending on the size, you could use a commercial culvert clean-out tool, a shovel, garden hose or a pressure washer. Dirt tends to stick more to metal pipes than plastic, so if you have a metal pipe, it is recommended to use a pressure washer. If you do not maintain regularly, the debris or dirt will build up causing the culvert to become blocked and cause flooding in local area or neighborhood. For any of your swale or culvert needs, whether it’s a new installation or improvement of an existing, call your local experts such as, Mancil’s Complete Sitework, to get the job done properly and efficiently. Call us NOW for a free estimate! 772-288-0951.

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