Why use a Geogrid?



            A geogrid is a geosynthetic material usually made by weaving or knitting and coating various high-tenacity polymer yarns. The geogrid structure possesses open spaces, called apertures, which enhances interaction with the soil or aggregate they are embedded with. The material strength and minimal elongation makes them a vital tool for soil reinforcement. Civil Engineers require geogrids heavily in Florida due to our soft soils, whether it’s for roadway improvements, railway improvements, retaining walls or reinforced slopes, foundation improvements, environmental systems, etc. With Florida’s soft soils, the geogrid helps to increase the bearing capacity of the subgrade soil while reducing the loss of aggregate material into saturated subgrade soils. The geogrid acts the same when using it for asphalt purposes, such as reinforcing the aggregate material within the asphalt layer. This will minimize stress cracking of the asphalt and will help preserve it over time.

            Mancil’s Complete Sitework has been required by project specifications to use geogrids on many different occasions. Most recently used in a project for the Martin County Board of County Commissioners; Jensen Beach Roundabout Improvements. See pictures below.

          geogrid 2           geogrid 1

         Geogrids are easily installed, have excellent durability, long-term performance, superior soil confinement, maximum bearing capacity and shear resistance, making this product cost affective and versatile. There are many different styles, such as rectangular or triangular as well as different thicknesses to choose from. With a wide variety of suppliers, this is an easy product to come by. Mancil’s Complete Sitework comes with a lot of experience using geogrids with a variety of clients from county representatives as shown above to property managers requiring it for their communities. It’s an excellent product and Mancil’s would be happy to provide you with a proposal for your next geogrid installation.

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