Importance of Site Preparation

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July 2, 2018 / By Johnnyb44


Whether you are looking to build a building, parking lot, roadways, house pad, or anything else on top of raw land, site preparation is necessary to make that land accepting of those improvements. It is not something that most people view as important because once the construction is finished, site work is invisible. However, it is crucial to have excellent site preparation in the beginning stages of construction in order for that project to be long lasting. There are many issues that can compromise the quality of site preparation including different soil types, high soil moisture contents, proper compaction, soil stabilization, geo-grids, undercutting displacements, dewatering, and more. It is important to find a quality construction company who has dealt with many of these issues in the past.

There are a few forms of earth work that are needed during site preparation including excavation, land clearing, and land grading. Excavation and land clearing are part of the earliest stages during the site prep. These two parts of the project go hand in hand. Any trees and shrubbery that are not wanted in the project area must be removed. This also includes any garbage, stones, rocks, and other unwanted materials that stand in the way of a flat surface for the building to be built on top of. Depending on the ground levels that are needed by the engineer, dirt may be excavated from the site too. New dirt may be placed down over what was removed in order to confirm that the materials under the project will be of high quality. This portion of the project is vital to the long term stability of the project because it creates a flat, even surface to build on.

Land grading is one of the next steps during site preparation. This helps reshape the ground to certain planned grades that are determined by an engineering survey, evaluation, and layout. At the end of construction, it is imperative to have proper drainage for the future of the property. Land grading helps to ensure proper drainage can occur, as well as helping to control surface runoff, soil erosion, and sedimentation. Poor drainage, high-runoff, and increased peak flows are some results of improper grading. The reason for these occurrences is that the natural storm water patterns are disturbed due to the ground being at inappropriate levels.

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