Asphalt Repair

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Asphalt Repair

All asphalt and concrete pavement is subject to atrophy over time. There are certain circumstances that can accelerate damage such as, poor base layer, utility cuts, incorrect drainage, heavy traffic, tree roots, and extreme weather conditions, to name a few. Asphalt repair will help ease property owner’s minds of safety concerns and aesthetics.

Mancil’s will repair all types of damaged paving work from small potholes to large areas that need to be cut out and replaced. The three kinds of repairs that can be done on asphalt surfaces include:

  • crack repairs
  • pothole patching
  • asphalt overlays

Crack repairs and pothole patching may seem minor, but they are important and should be regularly maintained. Asphalt overlay may be desired when the existing asphalt needs an upgrade but the structural integrity is still valid. It is the process of paving a second layer of asphalt over existing pavement, repairing flaws and adding new life to your parking lot, street, driveway, etc.

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