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During new construction on buildings, roads, and other structures, site excavation is one of the earliest stages. The site is excavated to create a level, clean area to work, with the foundations being established in the excavated area. A site may also be excavated and backfilled to confirm that the material directly under the site is of high quality. The depth of site excavation can vary, depending on what is being built and where the building is occurring.

The most critical component to moving dirt efficiently is to have a clear understanding of the business of excavation and whether it includes simple soil conditions, import, export or mucky conditions. Most building projects include at least some excavation work for footings at a minimum, to large dig projects to account for above ground retention or underground utilities, lakes or ponds.

Mancil’s utilizes Maxwell’s Systems – Quest Estimator which allows us to generate 3D renderings of the proposed work site, and provides accurate quantity cut / fill reports, which in turn are used for budgeting and scheduling the work. In addition, it is invaluable for determining if a site balances, or needs a little value engineering to achieve that goal. Call Mancil’s today to handle your next excavation project at 772-288-0951